Deafheaven go dream pop on new single “Great Mass of Color”

From ‘Infinite Granite’, their upcoming fifth studio album.

Deafheaven have returned with a new single, “Great Mass Of Color.”

Notably, frontman George Clarke’s signature harsh vocals are absent from the track, as the band move away from their established blackgaze style. Instead of his usual screams, Clarke sings his verses, revealing his poetic lyricism.

“Half awake holding my ghost in the morning / Sunlight coming down the bend / Maroon sky on the send / My great former terror / When trees gave doves the leaves / And I was grim drunk death / A stranger to myself,” he croons over shimmering dream pop.


“Great Mass of Color” is the first single from their fifth album, Infinite Granite, which will be released on August 20 via Sargent House. The album will be their follow-up to 2019’s Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, which began the California band’s foray into indie rock and non-metal territory with songs like “Honeycomb” and “Canary Yellow.”

Last year, the San Francisco band also released the career-spanning live album 10 Years Gone, which marked their tenth anniversary as a band. It included a new recording of “Daedalus,” the first song Deafheaven ever wrote together.

Listen to “Great Mass of Color” here:


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