Dead Now release new single, “Bird Leaf”

Is it 4/20 yet? Because this track is...

Dead Now have released a new single “Bird Leaf,” from their upcoming self-titled debut full-length, due September 7.

It’s been a couple of years since Andrew Elstner exited Torche, and if you’ve missed his gnarly riffs, you’re going to enjoy this new track. It’s fuzzy, loud, abrasive and best listened to with the volume dialed to 11. Your neighbors won’t thank you for it, though.

Elstner formed Dead Now with Derek Schulz and Bobby Theberge of Day Old Man, and they’re vying hard to become your favorite stoner rock band. And they’re doing a bloody good job of it too. Given their recent deal with Brutal Panda records, we’re hoping to see a lot more noise from them soon.


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