Damn Your Eyes release new song, “Lock and Load”

“Politicians have turned cultural differences into a political issue,” the band said.

Damn Your Eyes have dropped a thrashy new single “Lock and Load,” filled with big riffs, bombastic percussion and guttural howls.

“‘Lock and Load’ is a story of two sides,” the New York heavy metallers shared on YouTube. The song looks at how people can focus “on the differences they have and not the common ground, which oftentimes leads to conflict and unfortunately war. We took all this and put it to a slamming, thrashy, musical soundtrack.”

“DYE has no political champion and condemn the violence,” the band added. “Politicians have turned cultural differences into a political issue, a very dangerous road that makes people choose sides. We love all life and cultures for their unique perspectives and hope for a peaceful solution to the conflicts the extremists on both sides, have taken to the streets.”


The group, consisting of metal veterans from bands such as We Are the Enemy and Bonesmith, released their debut album Kill the Outside just last year. Damn Your Eyes aim to emulate the iconic ’80s California thrash sound established by Exodus and Metallica and continue to do so with pinpoint accuracy.

Listen to “Lock and Load” below:

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