Cult of Luna preview new EP with “Three Bridges”

The group will conclude their ‘A Dawn to Fear’ story with a new project.

Swedish progressive metal band Cult of Luna have dropped “Three Bridges,” a preview of their upcoming EP The Raging River.

Cult of Luna take their time on “Three Bridges” to cultivate an unnerving atmosphere filled with percussive rattles and chilly guitar notes before powerful vocals are unleashed. The nine-minute song continually ebbs back into fleeting, mellow moments before building once again into eviscerating walls of distortion.

The Raging River feels more like a bridge. A midpoint that needs to be crossed so we can finish what we started with 2019’s A Dawn to Fear,” the band explained in a statement. “It’s been an interesting, as well as an introspective, way of working, having our instinct leading the way and then having to figure out where it takes us. But not only has it been a linear journey; some aspects of it are also clearly circular.”


The Raging River will also feature “Inside of a Dream,” a collaboration with Screaming Trees’ Mark Lanegan. It’s been a long time coming: Cult of Luna’s 2005 song “And With Her Came the Birds” was written with Lanegan in mind.

The Raging River is set to arrive on February 5 via Metal Blade and Cult of Luna’s new label Red Creek. Listen to “Three Bridges” here:

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