Crypt Sermon drop title track of new LP, ‘The Ruins of Fading Light’

The album arrives in a month’s time.

Crypt Sermon have dropped “The Ruins of Fading Light,” the grandiose title track of their new album out next month.

Spanning nearly nine minutes in length, this track gives the Philadelphia doom metal outfit plenty of time to craft an epic sonic manifesto. It opens with bucolic flutes and gentle instrumentation which subside to make way for guitar-driven dramatics and vocalist Brooks Wilson’s enthralling delivery.

If you’re not familiar with Crypt Sermon, “The Ruins of Fading Light” is a particularly good way to get acquainted. “The song is our mission statement: ‘We’re doomed,’” Wilson explained to Revolver Magazine, which premiered the track.


“But it is in this hopelessness that we reject the promises of a great reward, and take our corporeal existence into our own hands. We will mold our future to our own reward. The only human institution to reject change is the cemetery,” he added.

The Ruins of Fading Light is out September 13 via Dark Descent. Stream the title track below:

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