Crossfaith’s “Make a Move” will have you in a sweaty mess

Get ready to jump.

Crossfaith have just shared an energetic video for “Make a Move,” the latest single off their new album, EX_MACHINA. And trust us, you’ll do anything but stand still after watching it.

The clip pieces together footage from the band’s summer tour across Europe, packing in plenty of action, from moshing sequences to slow-mo headbanging, to the crowd jumping in sync with the ferocious mash-up of electronica and metal.

There are also mellower moments in-between cuts. When the band’s not jamming out on stage, the Japanese metalheads are seen wandering through the streets of Paris and hanging out by a lake.


“When you watch [the video], you can really feel the sort of energy we put into our live shows,” frontman Kenta Koie said in a press release. Well, the “Make a Move” visual is right on the money.

Check it out below:

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