Crossfaith share new single, “The Perfect Nightmare”

Headbang to this fiery track.

Leave it to Japanese metal outfit Crossfaith to seamlessly blend metalcore and electronica to create music for ravers and headbangers alike. “The Perfect Nightmare” is the band’s latest single off their upcoming full-length effort, and it’s wicked and full of anguish.

The track opens with a sinister synth sequence before it engulfs you with pummeling drums, chugging metal riffs and frontman Kenta Koie’s trademark death growl. “I am the perfect one / I am the perfect nightmare,” he chants on the hook before unleashing a hellish scream.

“[This is] one of the heaviest tracks we’ve ever made. This song [is] full of chaos and brutality,” Koie said.


Listen to it here:

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