Counterparts share new single, “Separate Wounds”

A taste of their sixth studio album, ‘Nothing Left to Love.’

Canadian metalcore band Counterparts have shared “Separate Wounds,” the second single from their forthcoming album Nothing Left to Love.

The impassioned song features frontman Brendan Murphy’s guttural screams over meaty riffs by guitarists Alex Re and Blake Hardman. “We both bleed, but out of separate wounds / Not meant to mend a different breed of broken / Pulling the cure out of the suffering themselves / We are two different breeds of broken,” goes the chorus.

“I know I’ve said this for every record we’ve ever released, but Nothing Left to Love is [the] best Counterparts record,” Murphy declared in a press statement. “If you fuck with the band you’ll probably love it, and if you don’t then maybe we’ve finally honed our craft enough for you to give a shit.”


Nothing Left to Love is Counterparts’ sixth studio album, following 2017’s You’re Not You Anymore. The LP arrives November 1 via Pure Noise Records.

Listen to “Separate Wounds” here:

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