Coheed & Cambria drop “The Dark Sentencer”

It's as much a space odyssey as it is a song.

Coheed & Cambria have always had a knack for telling tales. And the band’s newest tune, “The Dark Sentencer,” brings in sci-fi and dystopian themes to their storytelling repertoire.

The ten-minute track opens with an atmospheric, somber narration of a mysterious story that will undoubtedly play a bigger part in the rock group’s next album. It tells of a “romance between a pair of unheavenly creatures,” before the song proper kicks off at around the three-minute mark and everything kicks up a notch.

“Please, don’t run your mouth / The questions before have no place in this haunted house,” vocalist Claudio Sanchez cries over the top of a crunching rhythm. It’s a track that should keep fans of the Coheed sound happy, even if they’re not into the space love story at the start.


Go on a galactic journey with one of the most creative rock bands out there:

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