Chino Moreno’s Crosses release first new song in six years

His electronic side project with guitarist Shaun Lopez have returned.

Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno’s passion project, Crosses, have returned with a cover of Cause and Effect’s 1990 track, “The Beginning of the End.”

The cover marks Moreno and guitarist Shaun Lopez’s first offering as Crosses in six years. Paired with ghostly visuals of a ballerina warming up, their rendition of “The Beginning of the End” makes for an unearthly listening experience. Featuring reverb-laden vocals, icy percussion and pulsating synths, the track is in the similar vein as the brooding darkwave sound of their 2014 self-titled debut album.

Moreno first teased the return of Crosses in October during an interview with the podcast, Bloody Disgusting. “Now that the Deftones record is done and there’s no touring really in the near future, I kinda have time to work on stuff so I’m definitely going to dig in and see where I can go with that. I really really like [Crosses],” the singer said. “The best part about it for me was no one knew we were making that record even. […] Making music without any expectations was super freeing and fun. I really love doing it. I like the guys that I work with in [Crosses] so I’m gonna try to get some of that stuff finalized… finished up.”


Crosses’ new track followed a handful of exciting releases from Moreno’s mainstay group.
In September, Deftones unveiled their first album in four years, Ohms, and later dropped a 20th anniversary remix LP of their third album, White Pony earlier this month.

Listen to Crosses cover “The Beginning of the End” here:

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