Children of Bodom drop MV for “Under Grass and Clover”

From their new album, ‘Hexed,’ due out next year.

Children of Bodom have released a music video for “Under Grass and Clover,” a new single from their forthcoming studio album.

“‘Under Grass and Clover’ is the sound of COB on fire and has been my favorite song since it was written,” frontman Alexi Laiho said in a statement. “Someone told me that it’s kinda like old-school Dimmu Borgir and AWK and that’s pretty damn cool in my books, so we must’ve done something right.”

The song is taken from Hexed, the Finnish band’s tenth full-length. Laiho has described the album as “generally catchier,” but also cautioned that “there’s some crazy shit in there.” “Under Grass and Clover,” powered by Jaska Raatikainen’s blast beats and filled with meaty guitar riffs, sounds like a perfect representation of that sound.


Hexed is out March 8 via Nuclear Blast. Plunge into a Children of Bodom mosh pit via the video below:

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