Cave In release “All Illusion”

One of the last songs late bassist Caleb Scofield ever worked on.

Cave In have released “All Illusion,” one of the last songs their bassist Caleb Scofield worked on before his death in a car accident last year. It previews Final Transmission, the heavy rock group’s last-ever album with Scofield and the follow-up to 2011’s White Silence.

Scofield played either guitar or bass on all nine tracks of Final Transmission, and on “All Illusion,” you can hear his basslines underpinning the ringing clamor of Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath’s guitars. The song originally had lyrics by Brodsky, but in its final form features lines Scofield had written in his journals, according to Stereogum. It’s his one lyrical contribution to the album, the band revealed on Instagram.

Scofield met with a car accident in February 2018 while driving home from weekend jam sessions with Cave In. After his untimely death, the band decided to turn the demos that they’d accumulated—and that Scofield had spearheaded—into an album.


“When I look back at our email correspondence about the demos, Caleb had a really crystallized view of how to navigate the whole thing,” Brodsky said in a statement. “He was really digging the stuff that was spacey, heavy, a little bit weird, but with very pretty melodies and hooks. I think he was encouraging us to embrace what we’ve always been good at and what sets us apart from our contemporaries.”

Final Transmission arrives June 7. Pre-order it here—half of the proceeds go to Scofield’s wife and children. Listen to “All Illusion” below:

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