Carnifex unleash new album, ‘World War X’

Nine tracks of pure deathcore.

Prepare for battle: Carnifex have released World War X, their seventh studio album. Their last record was Slow Death, released in 2016, and their last release was the EP Bury Me in Blasphemy, which arrived last December.

The deathcore band previewed the record with its title track, which arrived with a video depicting the traumas of war, and “No Light Shall Save Us,” a collaboration with Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy.

Carnifex dedicated the release of World War X to their fans in a recent Instagram post. “You’ve empowered us to write our most ambitious record yet and it’s the album we are most proud of,” they wrote.


In an Instagram post of his own, frontman Scott Lewis wrote, “Normally I’m nervous during release week, expectations have always been high [for] Carnifex. But not this time. I couldn’t be more excited and happy to give this album back to all of you. Every note, every lyric, everything on this album has intention and meaning. Spend time with this album, take the journey with us.”

Stream World War X below:

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