Bring Me the Horizon’s “Mantra” video is one wild ride

Do you want to join the BMTH cult?

Bring Me the Horizon recently dropped “Mantra,” the first single off their upcoming album, Amo. The band quickly followed up with a video to bring the hard-hitting track to life.

The visual opens with a series of distorted, grainy and downright twisted images projected on a television screen before we’re greeted by a slightly deranged-looking Oli Sykes. “Do you wanna start a cult with me?” he asks on the opening.

Those lyrics are a telling sign of what’s to come. Because Sykes ends up going full-on doomsday cult leader as he guides a legion of worshippers to join him in a warped world. What follows is an eye-catching and totally wicked ride.


Make sure to stick around to see what goes down. Spoiler: It doesn’t end well.

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