Bring Me the Horizon share new song “Obey” with YUNGBLUD

Their highly anticipated collab is here.

Bring Me the Horizon have unleashed “Obey,” their blistering new song featuring YUNGBLUD.

Teased a few months back, the collaboration is a cross between metal and electropop, which results in an intense head-banging number. The song only took two days to come together, making “Obey” the fastest BMTH song to ever be created, frontman Oliver Sykes told BBC Radio 1.

YUNGBLUD—real name Dominic Harrison—added that the song’s lyrics were also partly inspired by Black Lives Matter protests, in which the singer took part while he was in Los Angeles. “We are being told to conform to a completely outdated idea that we don’t relate to or even understand,” Harrison told Radio 1’s Annie Mac of the song’s theme. “They teach us to turn against each other and to fight against our differences rather than embrace and celebrate them.”


He continued: “They try to keep us divided because it makes us weaker. … We will rise above the hate and the diversion. We will fight for the world we want to be a part of. We will not obey.”

The collaboration dropped alongside a sci-fi-inspired music video. In it, Sykes and Harrison take control of giant robots and battle each other before calling a truce. “There’s nothing to see here, it’s under control / We’re only gambling with your soul / Obey, whatever you do / Just don’t wake up and smell the corruption,” they sing on the chorus.

“Obey” is the latest preview of BMTH’s upcoming Posthuman EP, following “Parasite Eve.” Meanwhile, YUNGBLUD recently collaborated with Denzel Curry on a new track titled “Lemonade” for the Madden NFL 21 soundtrack.


Check out the video for “Obey” below:

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