Bring Me the Horizon release surprise project ‘Music to Listen to…’

Featuring their long-awaited Halsey collab.

Bring Me the Horizon have shared a surprise eight-song project, featuring several collabs—including one with Halsey—and a doozy of a title.

Music to listen to~dance to~blaze to~pray to~feed to~sleep to~talk to~grind to~trip to~breathe to~help to~hurt to~scroll to~roll to~love to~hate to~learn Too~plot to~play to~be to~feel to~breed to~sweat to~dream to~hide to~live to~die to~GO TO is the Sheffield band’s new project. It follows their sixth album, amo, released in January this year, and comes a month after their latest song, “Ludens.”

Lead singer Oliver Sykes teased the release by posting its album art on Instagram yesterday. The project notably features Halsey on the song “¿.” She had teased her collaboration with the band six months ago with a clip from the studio, and joins other guests BEXEY, Lotus Eater, YONAKA and Happyalone. on the album.


Sykes told NME in November that the band doesn’t plan on recording an “album again… We’re thinking about doing shorter records. I don’t want to say we’re going to do something and not live up to it, but the plan is to release multiple records next year.”

Is Music to Listen to… a preview of the release model Bring Me the Horizon will be following in the new decade? That remains to be seen, but you can stream it here:

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