Black Tusk release new song, “Gallows Hill”

Their first track written with new guitarist Chris “Scary” Adams.

Black Tusk have released “Gallows Hill,” a new song inspired by the Salem witch trials of the 17th century.

The muscular new track is the sludge metal band’s first song written with Chris “Scary” Adams, their longtime collaborator-turned-new guitarist. It’s also Black Tusk’s contribution to a new comp from Graveface Records, Savannah True Crime Compilation, released to fund the development of a physical site for the Graveface Museum in the band’s hometown of Savannah, Georgia.

“When we were asked by Graveface to contribute a song to a comp dealing with the subject matter of cults and serial killers and fear of the unknown,” Black Tusk guitarist Andrew Fidler explained in a statement, “we felt it fitting to write about an event that truly cemented the rule of mass hysteria into our cultural and political systems.”


The Salem witch trials also “highlight a segment of our society’s penchant for persecuting a set of ideals or belief system, or even just the way a person identifies themselves or how they choose to live outside a set of norms established by religion,” Fidler added.

Black Tusk’s last album, TCBT, was released in August 2018. The Savannah True Crime Compilation is out next month. Purchase the comp via the crowdfunding campaign for Graveface Museum, and stream “Gallows Hill” below:

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