BILLYBIO drops “Enemy” music video

Aggressive, politically charged visuals.

BILLYBIO—aka Billy Graziadei of Biohazard and Powerflo—has unveiled a powerful new video for “Enemy,” a cut from his 2018 Feed the Fire LP.

The self-directed clip follows Graziadei playing dual roles of a prisoner and an interrogator, which ultimately culminates in prisoner-Graziadei being waterboarded. The visual also features scenes of the musician at a protest and performing the song live with his band.

“I wrote a song about the two sides of a political enemy. Is the political detainee who stands up for his kind, sacrificing their own well-being for the benefit of everyone else, an actual enemy? Is the person who stands up for those who can’t stand on their own, a friend or a foe?” Graziadei said in a press release. “One of the most controversial subjects while I was writing this song was waterboarding. The scene at the end of the video was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. There are two sides in life, with, or against. Pick one.”


Watch the video for “Enemy” below:

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