Between the Buried and Me, The Dear Hunter release covers split online

It was a VIP perk for their joint 2018 tour.

Progressive metal bands Between the Buried and Me and The Dear Hunter have released an old covers split online for the first time to fundraise for charity.

The 7-inch release was previously only available as a perk for VIP ticketholders on the bands’ 2018 joint tour, as MetalSucks notes. On the split, Between the Buried and Me cover The Dear Hunter’s 2009 song “The Tank,” and The Dear Hunter return the favor with a rendition of “Rapid Calm,” from Between the Buried and Me’s 2015 record Coma Ecliptic.

In an Instagram post, Between the Buried and Me gave some context for their collaboration: “The Dear Hunter came on our radar in 2006 on a list of bands to try and do a short weekend run with. Even though it took 12 years to do a tour together we had years of mutual respect in each other’s work.”

The bands put the songs up on Bandcamp on July 3, the day the platform waived its revenue share on all purchases for 24 hours, allowing all money to flow to artists and labels. All proceeds from the sales of the split go to the American Civil Liberties Union and the Save the Music Foundation.


The Dear Hunter released an orchestral album The Fox and the Hunt in February, while Between the Buried and Me’s last releases were their two Automata albums, which they put out in 2018.

Buy their covers split on Bandcamp here.


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