Bask in the soul-cleansing noise of Bliss Signal’s “Surge”

The brainchild of James Kelly (formerly of Altar of Plagues) and Mumdance.

Bliss Signal have released a new song, “Surge,” that heralds an exciting new album from the electronic metal duo.

Serrated, blackened guitars meet furious, hollowed-out drumbeats and electronic grain in this epic track that’s breathtaking in its concision (it’s only three and a half minutes long).

But no one would expect any less from James Kelly, who headed Altar of Plagues until the black metal band’s dissolution in 2015, and Jack Adams, the producer who goes by Mumdance. Both musicians formed Bliss Signal in the past year largely as an experiment, and released the three-track EP Drift just last month.


“Surge” is the first single from the duo’s self-titled album, which Mumdance has described as “eight tracks of euphoric fog.” It’ll be out September 28 on True Panther Sounds/Profound Lore Records, so we won’t have long to wait.

Check out “Surge” below:

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