Baroness break new ground for themselves with “Seasons”

Come for the riffs, stay for the blast beats.

Baroness have released a killer new song, “Seasons,” from their forthcoming album Gold & Grey.

In an earlier Instagram post, frontman John Dyer Baizley called Gold & Grey the band’s “best, most adventurous album to date.” That statement rings true on “Seasons,” which mixes Baroness’ signature muscular riffs with shoegaze-esque distortion and unexpected but thrilling blast beats from drummer Sebastian Thomson.

“Seasons” bodes well for Gold & Grey, which wraps up Baroness’ 12-year run of color-themed records. It arrives June 14 and will also feature previous single “Borderlines.”


The new song also came with a music video following the band writing and recording the song in a basement studio. Watch Baroness jam and revel in the song’s badassery here:

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