Babymetal get caught in a bad dream in “Distortion”

Everyone’s favorite kawaii AF metal outfit ditch the cute and go full-on twisted in their latest track.

Probably the only heavy metal band out there that can get away with wearing tulle on stage, Babymetal return to serve up another face-melting tune. And as always, the Japanese trio don’t disappoint.

“Distortion” features hard-hitting rhythms and intense riffs, and switches quickly to the group’s trademark J-pop-influenced sound in-between choruses. Compared to earlier tracks in their career, such as “Gimmie Chocolate!!” and “Megitsune,” “Distortion” hints that the girls are starting to outgrow their pop schtick—just a li’l bit—and they’re preparing to unleash a more mature and darker side to their music. But y’know what they say, baby steps, right?

They’ve also released a music video that’s equally grim and haunting. You can watch it now here:


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