Babymetal drop sweet shred-fest “Elevator Girl”

Are you d-d-d-down with this new track?

Babymetal have dropped a thrilling new song, “Elevator Girl,” that will no doubt keep fans in high spirits until their next album arrives sometime later this year.

Shredding guitar solos ring out from between melodic interludes with piano flourishes and the simple vocal hook: “Hey lady, are you going d-d-d-down? No matter what you say or what you do, you’re going d-d-d-down.” The song doesn’t overstay its welcome, and the result is the kind of crunchy pop-metal mashup that Babymetal excel at.

“Elevator Girl” is the second track the Japanese kawaii metal band have put out since the departure of founding member Yuimetal last October. There’s still no word on a release date for the new album, though.


While you wait for more details, stream “Elevator Girl” here:

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