Avenged Sevenfold tease “eclectic and wild” new album

“It sounds nothing like anything we’ve done.”

Californian metal legends Avenged Sevenfold have opened up about their new album, the long-awaited follow-up to their 2016 studio LP The Stage.

Speaking to Kerrang! in an exclusive interview, frontman M Shadows explained that the band had been working on the new material at their own pace throughout 2020. “We’ve been writing a record for a while, and most of it was already written. But then we kinda took a break on it, and then it would be like, ​‘Hey, let’s get together two days this week,’ instead of five or six. It just started getting more casual.”

Shadows also admitted that the process was held up somewhat by the pandemic: “We’re still trying to get string sections together, and our mixer is older and I know that they don’t want him to travel right now because of COVID, so even if we got it done right now, we couldn’t get it mixed.” The impossibility of live gigs was also another consideration: “No-one wants to put out the record if we can’t tour it.”


Nevertheless, he made clear that fans had much to be excited about: “The [new] record sounds nothing like The Stage—it’s a completely new direction, and it sounds nothing like anything we’ve done. That’s all I’ll say about it: it’s over the top, and it’s very eclectic and wild!”

Over the past year, A7X have done their best to keep fans entertained during quarantine, giving away free merch to fans who could prove they were self-isolating. They also digitally released their albums Live in the LBC and Diamonds in the Rough for the first time.

While you wait for their upcoming record, listen to their 2020 re-releases below:


Live in the LBC:

Diamonds in the Rough:

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