August Burns Red release “King Of Sorrow” music video

What's black and white and burns red all over?

American metalcore maestros have just dropped the video for “King of Sorrow,” the opening track from their latest LP, Phantom Anthem. The track is a hard-hitting anthem with an apocalyptic twist—and the visuals, directed by Daniel Fusselman, are just as sinister.

Shot entirely in black-and-white with an old-school aspect ratio (think the square TVs before widescreen), the video features all kinds of striking, twisted imagery. Are the band in a haunted house? A nightmare? It’s hard to say, but it makes for an intriguing watch.

Come for the track, stay because you’ll be hooked to see what happens next. Or because there’s nothing like seeing a great band like August Burns Red in full throttle.


Feast your eyes on the clip here:

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