Astronoid unleash “I Dream in Lines”

The first single off their forthcoming self-titled album.

Boston post-metal group Astronoid have released a new single, “I Dream in Lines,” and announced that their new self-titled album will be out next year.

Powered by flurried drums and shoegaze-y guitar, “I Dream in Lines” drives relentlessly forward, but frontman Brett Boland’s melodic vocals keep the track buoyant and accessible. The song, he says, is about seeing through the eyes of a painter.

“It’s an art form I highly respect, but it’s not something I can do,” he explained in a statement. “I tried to assume that view, though—it’s another instance where you’re overcoming doubt and creating.”


That falls in line with the rest of the album, which, as Astronoid’s second full-length, had to bear the burden of expectations set up by their well-received 2016 debut, Air. No sophomore slump here.

“At the beginning, we were trying to outdo Air,” Boland said. “It took us about six months to get into the groove. We realized we didn’t have anything to prove, and we got back to writing for the personal fulfillment of it. There’s a lot of pressure on a second release, so many of the lyrics are about overcoming self-doubt and the perceived opinions of others.”

Astronoid is out February 1 on Blood Music. Watch the dramatic, collage-style music video for “I Dream in Lines” below:


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