Asking Alexandria drop new song, “House on Fire”

Their sixth studio album is out at the end of the week.

Asking Alexandria have released “House on Fire,” just before their sixth studio album, Like a House on Fire, drops this Friday.

This new cut boasts a classic ‘quiet verse, loud chorus’ dynamic while retaining a range of groove-focused riffs throughout and even toying with some Auto-Tune on Danny Worsnop’s vocals. It was accompanied by a music video the band filmed from their respective homes while in isolation.

“We have been working our asses off for the last couple of years on creating this album,” guitarist Ben Bruce recently told Louder Sound. “We are absolutely in love with what we have created. There are songs about triumph, strength and resilience. There are songs about losing love, losing passion and losing faith. There are songs about moving on to new things and song’s celebrating our journey. This album is filled with love and passion from the five original members of Asking Alexandria.”

“House on Fire” is the band’s fifth single from the new LP, following “The Violence,” “They Don’t Want What We Want (and They Don’t Care),” “Antisocialist” and “Down to Hell.”


Like a House on Fire will be released May 15 via Sumerian Records. Watch the video for “House on Fire” here:


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