Amon Amarth release video for “Mjolner, Hammer of Thor”

It picks up where the “Crack the Sky” clip left off.

Last time Amon Amarth released a music video, they were performing “Crack the Sky” as the mosh pit erupted with horned zombies (no, really). Now, the saga continues in their brand-new video for “Mjolner, Hammer of Thor.”

This clip begins with the Swedish band bidding farewell to a burly, mythical warrior in a bear suit—but his departure is interrupted by the emergence of an evil, sabre-wielding queen. They engage in battle while Amon Amarth watch in awe from their tour van. We won’t spoil it for you, but it’s safe to say the song’s titular weapon plays a significant role in the outcome.

“Mjolner, Hammer of Thor” appears on Berserker, Amon Amarth’s 11th studio album, which dropped last month. Watch the video below:


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