Amon Amarth release “Twilight of the Thunder God” live video

Featuring a massive, animatronic sea serpent and lots of pyrotechnics.

Do you need some Swedish viking metal in your life? If so, Amon Amarth are here to deliver you from your suffering with a live video of “Twilight of the Thunder God,” the title track of their critically acclaimed 2008 album.

The bombastic stage production—which includes pyrotechnics, a huge, animatronic sea serpent and a faux Mjölnir wielded by frontman Johan Hegg—and the thousands of fans gleefully crashing into one another in walls of death, make this video a thrilling watch.

This footage comes from Amon Amarth’s triumphant outing at last year’s Summer Breeze Festival in Germany, where the melodic death metal vets played not one but two sets: a full-scale headlining performance, which this video was extracted from, and a smaller one dedicated to older material.


Amon Amarth will release full footage of their Summer Breeze sets as a live DVD, along with The Pursuit of Vikings: 25 Years in the Eye of the Storm, a new documentary that tells the band’s story in behind-the-scenes videos and extensive interviews. Both will be released November 16.

Watch the live video of “Twilight of the Thunder God” here:

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