Alice in Chains release new song, “Never Fade”

It’s the third single from their forthcoming LP, ‘Rainier Fog.’

As Alice in Chains gear up to release, Rainier Fog, the rockers have dropped the third single to give fans another preview of their sixth studio album.

Compared to the previously released singles “The One You Know” and “So Far Under,” “Never Fade” is your classic hard rock tune. It’s an energetic, radio-ready number featuring melodic guitar riffs and the band’s mesmerizing vocals. On the track, we hear lead vocalist William DuVall taking on the verses before guitarist Jerry Cantrell jumps in on the infectious chorus. “Never fade / I know you think you’re someone I forgot / Never fade / I’m everything you really think I’m not,” Cantrell sings.

Rainier Fog is due to arrive on August 24. In the meantime, listen to “Never Fade” here:


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