Alexisonfire return from eight-year hiatus with new song

“Familiar Drugs” is the group’s first original offering in nearly ten years.

Alexisonfire broke up in 2011, but that hiatus has just come to an end. The Canadian post-hardcore outfit are back with “Familiar Drugs,” their first original song since 2010’s Dog’s Blood EP.

Featuring fuzzy guitar riffs and George Pettit’s unmistakable growls, “Familiar Drugs” is an Alexisonfire standard. The fiery track, which credits all members on songwriting duties, centers on unbreakable habits and falling back into the same routines. “You’re pushing in / I can’t resist / I feel you under my skin / Pushing familiar drugs again,” Pettit belts on the chorus.

In an interview with Loudwire, Pettit revealed that a follow-up release, whether a single or fully fledged project, might be in the works, although nothing has been confirmed. “We’re writing a lot. But as far as what’s next, I can tell you right now, I don’t think ‘Familiar Drugs’ will be the last release [from] Alexisonfire,” he said. “I think we all like the idea of making an album, but it would require a month of us rehearsing straight and then probably a month in the studio then two months—it’s just an enormous amount of time for us right now.”


While you wait for more from Alexisonfire, check out “Familiar Drugs” below:

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