Alexisonfire drop a video for their comeback song, “Familiar Drugs”

    A simple yet compelling clip.

    Alexisonfire Familiar Drugs MV
    Image: Alexisonfire official YouTube

    In February, Alexisonfire returned from a lengthy hiatus with the song “Familiar Drugs.” Now, the band have dropped an accompanying music video.

    The visual is a straightforward enough clip of the Canadian band blasting through the song in an empty storefront. There’s also a bored businesswoman stuck in the same room as the band. Her presence is odd, but a deliberate artistic choice, director Michael Maxxis revealed in a statement.

    “She represents the withdrawn and disinterested sales force that is out there moving product to make a buck—regardless of what it is,” he explained. “She doesn’t give a shit about this band or their music—maybe she even thinks it’s stupid. There’s no passion there, so she stands miserably in the background. A nice metaphor for life, I think.”

    Watch the “Familiar Drugs” video here: