Alcest face the darkness on their new album, ‘Spiritual Instinct’

The French post-metal band are back.

Alcest have released their new album, Spiritual Instinct.

The six-track, 40-minute album is the French post-metal band’s sixth studio album and first on the label Nuclear Blast. The record holds significant personal meaning for Alcest founder and guitarist Neige, as he explained to Revolver Magazine in a recent interview.

“I put a lot of darker things on this album for once,” he said. “I tend to preserve Alcest from this side of me, but I was feeling really not so well, so I thought it would be more honest to also bring a little bit of this darkness into the music. A lot of these things I did not have the courage to really look at [in the past]. It’s not easy to look at yourself as you really are.”


Spiritual Instinct was released alongside a seven-minute documentary that gives some insight into the album’s recording process. The black-and-white video captures scenes of focus and concentration inside the studio, including some light-hearted moments shared by the band’s members. Though there is zero dialogue, the documentary is soundtracked by an alternate version of the Spiritual Instinct cut, “Protection.”

Stream Spiritual Instinct below:


And watch the documentary here:

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