A Deer A Horse release “Smokejumper”

From their upcoming EP, ‘Everything Rots That is Rotten.’

A Deer A Horse made waves with their Backswimmer EP in 2017, which they’re due to follow up later this month with Everything Rots That is Rotten. Last Friday, they released the new single “Smokejumper.”

The dynamic, four-minute track is a compelling introduction to the trio’s sludgy yet riff-forward sound, which will appeal to fans of The Melvins, Royal Blood and Big Business.

“Smokejumper” opens Everything Rots That is Rotten, which will also include “Double Wide” and “Cold Shoulder,” both of which were released last year. The EP was recorded at New York’s Silver Cord Studios (which is owned by Joe Duplantier of Gojira). It’s out June 21 on Corpse Flower Records.


Stream the song below:

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