TXT burn down their house in video for “Can’t You See Me?”

A cut from their new EP, ‘The Dream Chapter: Eternity.’

K-pop boyband TXT—aka Tomorrow X Together—have returned with a playful video for their new song, “Can’t You See Me?”

In the clip, the boyband lounge around their home as they lament about growing apart from childhood friends. “Like on that magical day, say ‘Believe me’ / My heart is incinerated, come and feel me, feel me / Oh can’t you see me? / My friends don’t understand me, no,” they sing on the chorus. Later in the video the K-pop idols start a food fight that leads to their house catching on fire.

“Can’t You See Me?” is the lead single from TXT’s new EP, The Dream Chapter: Eternity. The project is the follow-up to their debut album, The Dream Chapter: Magic, which featured songs “Magic Island” and “Angel or Devil.”


Watch the video for “Can’t You See Me?” here:

And stream The Dream Chapter: Eternity below:


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