Hear Jun.K’s third solo EP, ‘20 Minutes’

It dropped alongside a visual for “30 Minutes Might Be Too Long.”

2PM member Jun.K’s third solo EP, 20 Minutes, has finally arrived.

The EP starts off slow with the jazzy ballad, “Home,” before picking up the pace with R&B-inspired bangers like “Sketchbook” and “Slip ‘N Slide.” It closes out with a burst of energy, courtesy of the groovy beats of “Ms. NO TIME.”

The seven-track record marks a long-awaited comeback for the singer, whose last solo project, My 20’s, was released in November 2017. It’s also his first EP since his discharge from the military in January.


Leading up to the EP’s release, Jun.K released a highlight medley featuring live previews of the record’s seven tracks. It also dropped alongside a live performance MV and macabre new visual for the EP’s third single, “30 Minutes Might Be Too Long,” in which the singer is haunted by a ghostly love interest.

Watch both those videos below:


And stream 20 Minutes here:

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