Watch Tower of Power tear up NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’

What is hip?

Many illustrious acts have appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk. But none—and we mean it—have come close to delivering a performance quite like Tower of Power’s recent display.

The ten-piece band—including a five-member horn section—blitzed into “On the Soul Side of Town,” off their latest album, and two classics: “So Very Hard to Go” and, of course, “What is Hip?” It was a whirlwind of a set, with lead vocalist Marcus Scott summoning all his charisma as he perched, preacher-like, atop a desk to deliver his soul sermon.

It’s been 50 years since Tower of Power formed, but it’s clear they haven’t lost any of their vitality and authenticity. Just listen to the crowd respond, and you’ll know this wasn’t an average Tiny Desk show.


The band released their 19th studio album, Soul Side of Town, in June.

Catch their Tiny Desk set here:

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