Watch Kassa Overall’s ‘I Think I’m Good’ short film

With a cameo from Macklemore, who went to high school with Overall.

Kassa Overall has collaborated with filmmaker Noah Porter on the new short film I Think I’m Good, The Movie, which arrives some eight months after the release of Overall’s album of the same name.

The eight-minute visual follows a Black food delivery worker (played by Miguel McDaniel) who encounters distrust and thinly veiled hostility from every customer he meets—except Overall. On every approach he makes to a delivery address, a snippet of Overall’s song “Please Don’t Kill Me” rings out. Macklemore, who was Overall’s classmate in high school, cameos as one of the delivery customers.

The short film also features dreamlike scenes of Overall and his creative collaborators, and photographs from the musician’s childhood. Snippets of the album tracks “Got Me a Plan,” “Landline” and “I Know You See Me” all play throughout the visual.


Watch I Think I’m Good, The Movie here:

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