Watch Joey Alexander and his band play the new song, “Warna”

The title track of the piano prodigy’s major label debut.

Indonesian piano prodigy Joey Alexander has released a new song, “Warna,” which is the title track of his upcoming album. It means “color” in Bahasa Indonesia, Alexander’s native language.

On Warna, Alexander is backed by bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Kendrick Scott, who round out the core piano trio. Percussionist Luisito Quintero and flautist Anne Drummond join on select tracks. Warna is out January 31 via Verve Records/Universal Music Canada—his first record on a major label.

A music video for “Warna” captures Alexander locked in with Grenadier, Scott and Quintero in a cozy studio, where the 16-year-old leads his quartet in a rigorous, enthralling performance. Watch it here:


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