Watch Jeff Parker’s short film for two-part song “Max Brown”

From the Tortoise guitarist’s upcoming album, ‘Suite for Max Brown.’

Jeff Parker—best known as the guitarist for post-rock band Tortoise—has released a short film for the two-part song, “Max Brown.”

Directed by Mikel Patrick Avery, the video captures three dancers grooving to the lushly textured track in the comfort of their own homes.

“Max Brown” previews Parker’s forthcoming full-length Suite for Max Brown, to be released under the name Jeff Parker & the New Breed (in 2016, Parker released a solo album titled The New Breed). Backing Parker on the new record are bassist Paul Bryan, alto saxophonist Josh Johnson, trumpeter Nate Walcott and drummer Jamire Williams.

Suite for Max Brown is out in January via International Anthem in partnership with Nonesuch Records. Watch the “Max Brown” film here:



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