Watch Jaga Jazzist’s breathtaking video for “Tomita”

The Norwegian outfit’s new LP ‘Pyramid’ is out next month.

Norway’s experimental jazz outfit Jaga Jazzist have shared a music video for “Tomita,” a song from their upcoming album Pyramid.

The group recruited Norwegian pianist David Wallumrød to add his skills to “Tomita” and help pay homage to the track’s namesake, the late Japanese psychedelic synth trailblazer Isao Tomita. Director and animator Jengo puts the forward momentum of the song to good use in the video, which is set in a desert thick with ruined statues and otherworldly energy as a hooded figure sprints through the arid landscape.

The version of “Tomita” used in the video and now available on streaming services is just a condensed edit of the full track on Pyramid. It’s one of four tracks on the album, allowing Jaga Jazzist to unpack each sonic idea and explore the many directions each composition could take. Co-founder Lars Horntveth explained in a statement that he “felt that this album is a small symphony, each part containing its own rooms to explore.”


Pyramid will be available via Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder on August 7. Take in the video for “Tomita” here:

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