Watch David Lynch’s MV for Thought Gang’s “A Real Indication”

Starring Angelo Badalamenti, whose vocal performance made Lynch laugh so much he got a hernia.

Last Friday, filmmaker David Lynch and composer Angelo Badalamenti released Thought Gang, an eponymous album of experimental jazz they recorded more than 20 years ago. To mark the occasion, they also dropped the video for “A Real Indication.”

The black-and-white clip, which Lynch shot on Hi8 and a shoestring budget in 1992, follows Badalamenti walking down the street, grimacing as he animatedly talks and yells to the wavering camera. He also poses for a mug shot.

When Badalamenti insisted on recording his vocals for “A Real Indication,” Lynch was skeptical, believing the composer would embarrass himself. But his forceful delivery entertained the Twin Peaks creator so much that he actually got a hernia.


“I laughed so hard,” Lynch told Rolling Stone. “It was like a light bulb burst in my stomach. I had to have an operation and go through all this stuff ’cause of Angelo… He never offered to pay for it. But the performance was phenomenal. I loved it so much. My respect for Angelo almost doubled.”

Watch the video below:

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