Tom Waits, Marc Ribot rework Italian folk song, “Bella Ciao”

From Ribot's new album, 'Songs of Resistance: 1942-2018.'

Tom Waits has awakened from his two-year slumber to partner avant garde guitarist Marc Ribot on “Bella Ciao,” a poignant rework of an Italian folk song.

The song, composed in the ’40s during the Italian Civil War, is an anti-fascist hymn that has been appropriated by countless protest musicians over the decades. And it’s no surprise where Waits and Ribots’ politics lie—the track’s accompanying video cobbles together footage taken from anti-Trump rallies across the nation. That the veteran musician’s voice sounds burdened with age and experience only makes his rendition more an elegy than a call to arms.

“Bella Ciao” is off Ribot’s Songs of Resistance: 1942-2018, which just dropped today.


Listen to the gloomy tune here:

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