“The Sky Never Ends” for Twin Talk

From the forthcoming album, ‘Weaver,’ by the Justin Vernon-cosigned trio.

Twin Talk have released a new song, “The Sky Never Ends,” to herald their forthcoming album, Weaver.

Bassist Katie Ernst’s wordless vocals and Dustin Laurenzi’s mournful saxophone endow the song with melancholy, while drummer Andrew Green’s simple but insistent percussion ushers it forward. It all makes for an occasionally leisurely, but overall poignant, listen.

Weaver is the Chicago trio’s third album together and their second under the Twin Talk moniker. It will be released February 8 on the new People platform, co-founded by Justin Vernon. Laurenzi toured with Vernon between 2016 and 2017, and after the Bon Iver frontman saw Twin Talk live in Minneapolis, he offered the trio the use of his April Base Studios in Wisconsin. Weaver was recorded there over the course of five days in 2017.


Hear “The Sky Never Ends” below:

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