Taylor McFerrin releases “Memory Digital,” featuring Anna Wise

Old-world glitz and charm.

Taylor McFerrin has dropped “Memory Digital,” the second single from his imminent sophomore album Love’s Last Chance. The track follows previously released single “Now That You Need Me.”

With a guest spot from Anna Wise, McFerrin’s new single is awash in old-world splendour. The song shines throughout with minimal funk guitar noodling, centering on the back-and-forth flirtation between McFerrin and Wise. The two singers decry their old loves, calling for a refreshing kind of affection throughout the track.

“‘Memory Digital’ is about looking back on old relationships that didn’t work out, and now almost feel like they ever happened because the memories are all based on social media photos. Something about the lack of anything physical to hold onto can make memories slip away,” McFerrin explained in a press release.


He added, “When me and Anna Wise got together to write this song, I actually had a different instrumental ready for us to write to, but I played her this one and we wrote the initial hook in a few minutes. For me, when everything flows effortlessly, you know that it was meant to be.”

Due out August 16, Love’s Last Chance is McFerrin’s first album to heavily feature his vocals. It follows his debut LP Early Riser, which was released on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Records.

Listen to “Memory Digital” now:


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