Taylor McFerrin drops twinkling new song, “Now That You Need Me”

A taste of his sophomore LP, ‘Love’s Last Chance.’

Taylor McFerrin has announced his new album, Love’s Last Chance, with the soaring new single, “Now That You Need Me.”

The eldest son of ten-time Grammy award winner Bobby McFerrin and an acclaimed musician in his own right, McFerrin made his debut in 2014 with the album Early Riser. In the years since, he’s also become part of Robert Glasper’s jazz supergroup R+R=Now.

Love’s Last Chance is the first album McFerrin made since joining R+R=Now, and marks the first time the multi-instrumentalist has added his vocals to the mix. “Something deeper happens when you sing, something that lets listeners feel like they’re truly getting to know you. Singing brings me closer than ever to being able to share everything that’s going on inside of me,” he explained in a press release.


Love’s Last Chance is due out on August 16 via AWAL. Listen to “Now That You Need Me”:

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