Sunwatchers release the riotous “Beautiful Crystals”

From their forthcoming album, ‘Illegal Moves,’ due out in February.

Will Sunwatchers ever slow down? Over the past two years, the New York group have released their self-titled debut and its follow-up, II, along with two live albums to boot. Now, they’ve dropped a new song, “Beautiful Crystals.”

It’s another entrancing track full of filtered, fuzzy guitars rioting over an ever-present backbeat and skronk-groove from drummer Jason Robira and bassist Peter Kerlin. Of particular note is Jim McHugh’s sinister wah-wah guitar, which sounds like Frank Zappa meets Bitches Brew—during an acid trip.

The song is taken from their forthcoming LP, Illegal Moves, whose eye-popping album art by Scott Lenhardt features the Kool-Aid Man battling former presidents and cartoon characters alike.


“[The Kool-Aid Man is] a corporate advertising mascot going rogue and getting wise and turning his knowledge and strength against the Arbiters of Oppression, turning the psycho-emotional propagation of exploitation and consumption against itself,” McHugh explained in a press release. Sit with that for a second.

Illegal Moves is due February 22 on Trouble In Mind Records. Stream “Beautiful Crystals” and peep the album art below:

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