Sumitra releases a ‘Bittersweet’ new album

The Los Angeles native’s fourth release as bandleader.

Los Angeles pianist and vocalist Sumitra has released Bittersweet, her fourth album as bandleader.

The ten-track LP was recorded with bassist Carlitos del Puerto, guitarist Alex Machacek and drummer Brian Blade. A majority of the album was composed in December 2017, which was a particularly “bittersweet” month for Sumitra as it held “memories of my mother’s December death, of our mutual December birthday and my December wedding anniversary,” the musician said in a statement.

“I have come to learn and understand that grief and joy can coexist side by side, in harmony,” Sumitra added. “And I have been able to move forward, to find peace in what [author] Brené Brown so appropriately calls ‘holding the tension.’ To me, it seems that this quality is what life—and making music—is all about.”


Bittersweet is Sumitra’s first full-length since 2016’s Still. Listen to her new album here:

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