Stream Maisha’s sprawling new song, “Open the Gates”

A physical pressing on recycled vinyl is confirmed for Record Store Day tomorrow.

Maisha have released the new song “Open the Gates,” which is the A-side of a new 12-inch single due out tomorrow as part of Record Store Day 2020’s September drop.

“Open the Gates” is an explorative, evolving composition that buzzes with an enveloping array of jazz sounds and instruments from sharp flute trills to simmering low brass. The oceanic 16-minute cut is paired with a live version of “Osiris,” a cut from their debut album There is a Place, that was recorded from a 2019 performance in Lille—their final show of the year.

The pair of tracks have been pressed in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory on 100 percent recycled vinyl and will be available in local record stores on September 26. If any stores have leftover stock, Open the Gates and the other Record Store Day releases will be available online from 6pm BST.


Usually celebrated on one day in April, Record Store Day was forced to innovate in the face of the pandemic and split its releases across three days in August, September and October.

Open the Gates follows the band’s recent collaborative album with jazz veteran Gary Bartz, Night Dreamer Direct-to-Disc Sessions. Stream the new single below:

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