Snarky Puppy’s Mark Lettieri showcases baritone guitar on new EP

‘Deep: The Baritone Sessions’ is out now.

Snarky Puppy guitarist and composer Mark Lettieri has released a solo EP, Deep: The Baritone Sessions. The project’s title nods to its origins in Lettieri’s long-running Baritone Funk YouTube series.

On the other hand, the song titles follow a specific aquatic theme. All seven tracks are named after strange sea creatures, such as the barreleye—a fish with tubular eyes and a transparent, dome-shaped head—and the giant squid, which belongs to the genus Architeuthis (the title of the closing track).

Various members of Snarky Puppy and The RH Factor back Lettieri up on the EP, including Bobby Sparks, Jason “JT” Thomas and Wes Stephenson. This is Lettieri’s fourth release as bandleader, following 2016’s Spark and Echo.


Dive into Deep: The Baritone Sessions below:

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